AUD Directors were an integral part of the first drilling contractor in Australia to successfully achieve the widespread commercialisation of a mobile underground diamond drill rig, with the introduction of a prototype in 2004. Since that time, the Mobile Diamond Drill has evolved to become the industry benchmark for productivity, safety and versatility, with competitors recently introducing their own imitations of the mobile rig. With an intimate knowledge of 7 years involvement in the design and operation of mobile underground drills, the Directors of AUD have seized an opportunity to setup and develop the “Second Generation” of underground drilling platforms. These new AUD mobile drill rigs are based on the twin boom jumbo carrier, offering superior stability compared to its competitors and enabling longer feed frames to be mounted which will give improved hole accuracy and the ability to drill deeper holes.

Safety Focus

AUD Directors pride themselves on being industry leaders in achieving injury free work sites through experienced operations crews, innovative drill rig designs, a comprehensive safety management system, high quality training systems and a strong safety culture.


AUD’s service philosophy is to deliver lower overall costs per metre drilling through the provision of experienced drilling personnel and best practice equipment, supported by high quality safety, maintenance and asset management systems.

AUD Directors have a strong service history in the provision of underground diamond drilling services, having been pioneers in achieving widespread commercial acceptance of a mobile drill rig in the Australian market. AUD can provide the experienced operations team with the advantage of a strong understanding of ground conditions.

AUD is extremely confident that it can provide industry leading productive, safe and valuable drilling services. The “Second Generation” AUD Mobile Diamond Drill has become the new benchmark for productivity, safety and versatility. When combined with the experienced operations team and extremely competitive pricing, AUD believes it will provide a highly competitive total cost per metre supported by the significant ancillary cost benefits delivered by the AUD Mobile Diamond Drill.